Music of Big B’s Bhojpuri film released


MUMBAI: Industrialist Pappu Pittie and producer Deepak Sawant hosted a party to celebrate Bhojpuri film Gangotri’s release. Interestingly, Gangotri’s music released post the film’s release.


The event was graced by the Bachchan family comprising Amitabh, Jaya, Abhishek and Aishwarya along with Manoj Tiwari, Aroona Irani, Bhumika, producer Sawant and director Abhishek.


Last year, Sawant released Ganga, which was the biggest hit of the Bhojpuri cinema. After the overwhelming response, the producer not only planned a sequel but also a Hindi version of the film. Gangotri has been made in both Bhojpuri and Hindi versions. Says Sawant, “Gangotri starts where Ganga ends. The entire star cast is the same.”


Pittie adds, “An interesting fact about Gangotri is that it will have glimpses of Ganga before the start of the movie. For the first time in a film, you will see recaps. We will show a five-minute recap of Ganga before Gangotri starts so that those who haven’t seen Ganga will get a glimpse of the movie.”


Pittie who was a part of Ganga as well, is elated that Gangotri has shaped as excepted. “Mr. Bachchan is at his best. He has emotions, songs and even great action sequences! I expect the film to do well just like our first film.”


Director Abhishek says, “Mr. Bachchan is a director’s actor. The success of Ganga egged us on to make Gangotri. We are sure that Gangotri is the part of a never-ending flow for films for Bachchan fans!”


Bachchans launch Gangotri music