Music Review: Dhokha


Film: Dhokha


Director: Pooja Bhatt


Producer: Vishesh Films


Music Director: M M Kreem


Lyrics: Shakeel Azmi, Sayeed Quadri, Khushbir Singh Shaad and Bharat Bhushan Pant


Rating: 2.5/5


Neither distinctive nor unusual, Dhokha’s music lies somewhere in between. Pooja Bhatt’s Paap and Holiday may have bombed at the box office, but their music certainly made a mark; especially Paap’s Man ki Lagan with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s magical voice. Dhokha seems to maintain the tradition.


Albums’ first track Anjana is like just another lovey-dovey track. Shakeel Azmi’s lyrics make a difference to the song. Sung by Kay Kay, the song starts off well but falls flat in its verses. The irony being, the same song is also crooned by musician MM Kreem, which sounds not only different but way better than the former one. 


The variation in Kay Kay’s voice is appreciated otherwise, but for this song it doesn’t seem in sync with the music. While Kreem’s Anjana has different musical notes and is harmonious. This version can be called correct vocalization, as he takes the notes on a high pitch when needed and keeps it low key otherwise.


A striking resemblance with Atif Aslam’s voice, Shiraz Uppal does a fairly good job with Roya Re. It might sound like one of Atif’s super hits, but the lyrics by Sayeed Quadri will make you overlook that. The lyrics clearly state the life of a recluse and how he prefers to be in his shell while life has moved on. The clarity of meaning comes out very well in this song. Of the lot, this is the best composed, written and sung song.    


Dhokha’s title track may sounds like one of those hard hitting tracks with vengeance, but expect the least from this one. Though the music is fairly okay, Rafaquat Ali Khan, the new Pakistani singer, tries too hard to fit in. Firstly, he’s not in sync with what the music demands and goes high pitch unnecessarily, which makes his voice sound shrill. It’s only in some notes that one can bear his vocals.


Kab Tujhe is one of those typical filmi songs, a must in every movie! Kay Kay spices up the song and Shreya Ghosal’s melodious voice cannot go unnoticed. Another situational track, the music is not very distinguished. Violin playing in the background adds flavour to the music and sets it apart from the rest of the tracks.


What can one expect from an originally classy song, after being turned and twisted by DJ Suketu? It is bound to be a success! Roya Re’s remix by the king of DJs will get you grooving. No one can beat Suketu in his technical knowledge of sound, and he proves it again and again with his releases.


And the contrast of the previous remix is Dhokha’s mixed version by Suketu himself. You tend to like the digitalized music in some notes, while in others you don’t understand what’s going on. 


The album is melodious, monotonous, has some great vocals while some are strictly okay, all at the same time. You surely won’t be missing out on something if you don’t buy this one!