Music Review: Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na


Film: Jaane tuya jaane na


Producer: Aamir Khan and Mansoor Khan


Director: Abbas Tyrewala


Music director: A.R.Rahman

Rateing: 3/5

With Jaane Tu..ya jaane na, Rahman does his usual with making music sans noise. While the music is first rate, the lyrics are a wee bit disappointing, since lyrical magic seems missing.

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi scores well on the music charts and so is singer Rashid Ali for crooning this track. Call it the Rahman magic rubbing off on the song or what you want to call it, this track is melodious and easy on the ear. The lyrics are ho-hum but the simplistic arrangements make this one song worth listening to repeatedly.

Pappu cannot dance has the same kind of energy flowing through it like the songs from the Tamil film boys had in them. Sung by Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer, Satish Chakravarthy, Aslam, Blaze, Tanvi and Bhargavi the track emanates spunk and youthfulness. Sadly, that is not the case of the remix of this track by Krishna Chetan.

Nazrein Milaana, Nazrein Churaana rendered by Benny Dayal, Satish Chakravarthy, Sayonara, Darshan, Svetha, Bhargavi and Anupama this song majorly lacks zing. You can almost picture 20-something actors crooning this song in the film alternating between each other, singing in chorus, and the usual stuff. The similar voices and the zero excitement in them make this song sound a bit boring.

Rahman sings Jaane tu meri kya hai and sadly, this jazz style number is not the kinds you would expect to hear in the album. Void of highs, lows or buildups this track is weak. The song fits well in the head but fails to tough the heart.

Rashid Ali is once again found singing Kahin to… but this time with Vasundhara Das. Slow and harmonious is how the song is from start to finish. Perhaps the only song with lyrics that makes sense, without actually having seen the film. This track is one of those you’d find yourself singing on a nice karaoke night out.

Overall, the album is a good buy. Do not look for lyrical brilliance, as you will not find any. The music, the voices, and the simple arrangements are more than enough to give you a musical high.