Ignition Entertainment launches official game site for Vampire Rain


Mumbai: Ignition Entertainment, a UTV Enterprise and worldwide publisher and developer of videogames, announced the launch of the official game site and first teaser trailer in a series of videos for the upcoming stealth-horror title Vampire Rain: Altered Species. The fully interactive website can be found on www.alteredspecies.com.

Visitors to the site will assume the role of an elite operative of the American Information Bureau (AIB) whose duty it is to seek out and eliminate the seven nightwalkers that have infiltrated the site. By eradicating the nightwalker infection from the site visitors will be granted access to a special, highly classified, "Hints n Tips" section of the site.

In addition to unveiling the latest screenshots, media, character profiles and downloads; alteredspecies.com will also house the latest in a series of terrifying trailers from the twisted minds of Red 40 Productions.

"We are thrilled by the level of interactivity delivered by AlteredSpecies.com," said Ignition Entertainment president Ajay Chadha."That, along with our engrossing series of trailers, shows only the beginning of our commitment to aggressively market Vampire Rain: Altered Species through out of the box thinking."

The Vampire Rain: Altered Species video series is set to start releasing Wednesday, 4 June.