Music Review: Khoya Khoya Chand


Film: Khoya Khoya Chand


Director: Sudhir Mishra


Producer: Prakash Jha Productions


Music Director: Shantanu Moitra


Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire


Rating: 2.5/5


This one will acts like a tranquilizer, seriously….in fact, worse than that. Except for two songs which are just about okay, the album is next to unbearable after a point. The idea of making it 50’s has not been explored well. Music director Shanatanu Moirta seems to have made the music tautological instead of offering a multifarious collection.


The title track – ‘Khoya khoya chand’ starts off well but Swanand Kirkire’s vocals (who is also the lyricist) makes the flourishing music irksome. The song has to maintain a flow, but it goes haywire in-between. But Ajay Jhingran does a commendable job. He has a casual but yet melodious approach, which keeps the song going strong!


‘Yeh Nigahein’ seems to have the ‘Parineeta’ effect. But it is crafted well in terms of music, lyrics and vocalization. But it is a perfect composition keeping the 50’s theme in mind. It flows in melodious order. Shreya Ghoshal sounds flawless!


Now that’s a typical 50’s! This was the reaction on listening to ‘Chale Aao Saiyan.’ A very typical ‘mujra’ song. Efforts have gone into making the lyrics acerbic, but in bits and pieces it gets predictable. But on a whole, this song has a lot of expression and the music fits in too.


‘Khushboo Sa’ can be slotted as another operatic piece. Hamsika Iyer does a fine job. Though Shantanu’s intentions in creating a different impact, the music sounds distorted and disturbed in between verses. The lyrics are outstanding, undoubtedly.


O Re Paakhi will certainly force you to change the track. Though it’s Sonu Nigam, the song lacks that musical feel which is inherent to any song. It’s meaningful, but lacks appeal.


A select classical music lovers ‘might’ like Sakhi Piya, for the others it’s just another boring track! For the simple reason that its devoid of the melodious rhythm which one is looking out for.


Thirak Thirak is okay, not great. Shreya and Sonu have certain chemistry but it doesn’t take the song too far.


If one has to rate the music-its okay, lyrics- superb! vocals- good, treatment-okay. Hence the album falls under the ‘average’ category.