‘People losing their sense of music’ – Shubha Mudgal


MUMBAI: She has been successful in bridging the gap and blend classical music and popular pop music. Her style of fusion music has made her popular among both classical music lovers and pop music listening youth. Shubha Mudgal talks on changing times on the music industry and her contribution to the same.

Mudgal with her education in music in various forms of Indian classical music like Khayal, Thumri and Dadra explains, “Music is like my friend, I fight with it, and at times it also disappoints me, it’s like a journey where you learn a lot. It has the richness of language were you can convey your thoughts in many different ways and I think this is the best language for me to express my self.”

A firm believer of “If you don’t raise your voice then you will have to let others dictate the terms…”, Mudgal in her interview with Radio One FM 94.3, reveals her past on how she surprisingly landed in the music industry, her embarrassing moments to her new title of “Cool Mom.”

She makes her stand clear on what she interprets of the music world today, on lack of dedication and how diversity of our music had been stifled.

Radio One 94.3 FM will be airing this one-hour interview at 12 noon on 26 August, 2007. The show will be interspersed with songs that are Mudgal’s favorites.