RED FM launches social awareness campaign


MUMBAI: Red FM has launched a campaign ‘Red FM Dilli Ke Chamakte Sitaare’ as per which the radio channel plans to approach serious issues in a fun way, wherein it will promote social awareness about the perennial civic problems and encourage Delhite to introspect, take responsibility and come out with their own solutions for these rampant social evils in Delhi.

The campaign was unveiled recently by the Honorable Chairman of Municipal Corporation of Delhi‘s Standing Committee at his office in the Delhi‘s Town Hall.


RED FM COO Abraham Thomas stated, “This is the first time that Dilli Ke Chamkate Sitaare will be identified in the city and bajaoed in this extremely funny and cheeky fashion. With this initiative RED FM Delhi truly emerges as the brand that pioneers change for the better in Delhi.”


Thomas further adds, “Red FM is promoting social awareness among citizens about causes that the city of Delhi has been grappling with forever now. Rash driving, littering, urination in public and eve-teasing are some perennial civic problems in Delhi…and it is about time that we generate awareness & revolt against these social evils. Also, this is the first time in the city that an outdoor campaign is in sync with interactive on-ground activity and on-air promotions.”


The campaign was unwrapped with a 360 degree approach that began with week long teaser hoardings at all major crossings supporting the on-air teaser promos, followed by traditional outdoors, innovative on-ground activities across residential societies, print ads and inserts that will directly connect with the city of Delhi.


The USP of this campaign would be the support of an on-ground activity that sarcastically bajaos the people who create nuisance on the road. A special ‘Chamakte Sitaare Squad’ CSS, will be on a constant watch across 12 prime crossings, localities, malls and markets around the city every day. As soon as they spot someone doing any of the above nuisances, the squad will gear-up for the action and embarrass the ‘Chamakta Sitaarae’ on the spot with drums, whistles and garlands. Live bytes will be taken by broadcasting jocks at the venue of the incident and aired real time on air. The entire campaign will be supported by on air promos on ‘Dilli Ke Chamakte Sitaare’ and RJ talk encouraging people to spot and report Chamakta Sitaaras all over Delhi.