RGV Ki Aag’s music gets director Tamil film


MUMBAI: Though Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag has received a lot of flak at the box office but one of its talent has been lapped up. Music director of Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag and Go Prasanna Shekhar has now bagged a Tamil film.


Says Shekhar, “This film is titled Singha Kutti, which when translated in English means Lion Cub. It’s being produced by a production house called Tamil Screen. They liked my compositions for RGV Ki Aag and approached me. The song Holi, is a huge hit in the north.”


However, Shekhar is not too pleased with the way the music of Aag has turned out. “I was out of town for a month. When I came back and saw the rushes, I was shocked. I didn’t expect the music to shape up this way. I really want to reserve my comments,” he says.


So what according to him went wrong with the music? “I had told RGV that there has to be unity in the theme. The music as well as the background score should have a recall value. If people listen to Rehman’s Lagaan they will remember each and every song. Here, Jee Le was not even promoted,” he explains.


The composer also walked out half way from the film’s premiere. “I didn’t like the colour tone and it didn’t create the expected impact. One is remaking an epic, expectations are bound to creep in.”


So is he open to working with RGV again? “I won’t think twice if a project comes my way. But a lot of issues need to be sorted out before doing a RGV flick,” states Shekhar.