Six radio stations to activate the ‘silent’ mode in Mumbai


MUMBAI: The audio medium is all set to lose its voice!

Six radio stations operating in Mumbai will go on a silent revolution as a part of an awareness campaign undertaken by Saffola. These stations are: Red FM, Radio City, Big FM, Radio One, Fever FM and Meow.

As per a WHO study, 1990 onwards more people have died of coronary heart disease than any other cause and India accounts for 24 lakh deaths annually due to coronary heart disease. This accounts for about four Indians dying every minute. "Our heart silently bears the excesses of our strenuous & fast lifestyles. Never complaining, never skipping a beat. The choice is in front of you: you could choose to ignore you heart or sit up, listen to your heart. Detecting the symptoms and problems in the early stages is the best way to safeguard your heart against any future risk," is the message that is conveyed through this exercise.

This will be the first time in the history of Radio in India, when six radio stations will join hands in a unique initiative to urge Mumbaikars to listen to their heart. There will be no music, no radio jockeys and no advertising jingles. All the listeners will listen to is their heart!

Listeners can tune in to either of the six stations at 10 am on 28 September to know more on what’s happening.

This initiative is undertaken by Saffola Life, which is an initiative that seeks to educate consumers about heart care, its risks and ways in which the same can be mitigated.