Sony Music releases Kailash Kher’s new album


MUMBAI: Sony Music released singer Kailash Kher’s new album Kailasa Chaandan Mein. This will be the singer’s third album after Kailasa and Kailasa Jhoomo Re.

The album was unveiled in Delhi and the video Chaandan Mein was showcased. The video has been shot in  Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Kher said, "It takes a lot to create a song. Every tune, every word that we put into a song is a result of painstaking effort of my band members Naresh and Paresh, Kurt Peters (acoustic drums), Sanket (percussion), Shanky (violin, maadal), Tapas Roy (rebaab, saaz,mendolin, oodh). Hence imagine creating an album with 8 such songs. However it’s all worth it when you see people just lost into the songs you have created – when our music touches their lives, and their souls. The lyrics of the album have words from dialects of places that people from the cities watch in magazines and documentaries and call rural. However, I find words from these rural dialects like ‘Khadi-Boli’, are much more efficient in portraying the expression of ambience and feel that I want to convey through our songs… Chaandan Mein is the most emotional and intense album we have ever created and hence it’s the closest to our hearts. We hope it is the same to our fans too."

The album was created by Kher along with his team of Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath.