Viwawa expands partnership with Disney Online in Hong Kong


MUMBAI: Viwawa, Southeast Asia’s casual gaming community, and Disney Online announced that Viwawa’s Disney avatar creation engine will be launched in Hong Kong with a celebratory contest for the best dressed Disney avatar.

Viwawa’s Hong Kong gamers can join thousands of other Southeast Asians in customizing their avatar, affectionately called a "Wawa," with over 1,000 Disney-inspired virtual items. To celebrate the launch of the Disney avatar creation engine in Hong Kong, Viwawa will hold the Disney’s Best Dressed Wawa contest from 1-31 July.

The Best Dressed Disney Wawa contest comes after Viwawa subscribers purchased thousands of virtual Disney items since the launch of the custom avatar creator in December 2008. The best designed Wawa adorned with Disney virtual attire, such as High School Musical hats, Winnie the Pooh shirts or the infamous Mickey Mouse ears, will be judged by Viwawa subscribers on originality, style and fun. Contestants will have the chance to win Viwawa merchandise, gaming gold, and several Disney MP3 Players.

"By engaging Hong Kong subscribers with the Disney avatar creation engine we expect to further expand Viwawa’s market in Southeast Asia and to solidify Viwawa as the hottest online casual gaming site. The expanded partnership with Disney Online brings a new level of appeal to Viwawa and will have Hong Kong gamers playing into the wee hours of the night," said Viwawa president Chris Low.