Defamation Case Slapped On South Star Kamal Haasan And Bigg Boss Tamil


Actor Kamal Haasan is in legal trouble over the recent Bigg Boss Tamil episode

Kamal Haasan is one of the leading stars of South cinema and is known for hosting the Tamil version of Bigg Boss. A defamation suit was filed against the actor for degrading a particular community on the show Bigg Boss Tamil. The episode aired on July 14th was the cause of the defamation case.

‘Nadaswaram’ a musical instrument was seen carelessly thrown around by one of the contestants of the reality show. The instrument is considered as a ‘God’ in the Isai Vellalar community. The president of the community K R Kuhesh claimed that in one of the episodes, contestant actor Sakthi was seen playing with it.

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The petitioner also added that the instrument was kept on the dining table while the contestants were eating. This action was degrading to the community and their beliefs. The case also contends that Bigg Boss Tamil were well aware of the insulting actions yet chose to ignore it.

The defamation case attacks on the Channel. Kamal Haasan, the perpetrator Sakthi and the show ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’s’ producers for hurting the sentiments of the Isai Vellalar community on purpose.

They believe that the show has purposely chosen to defame the community for more views and publicity. Thus making them guilty of defamation and the case completely valid.

The defamation complaint was filed in Chennai under the magistrate court. A hearing has been set for September 1st about the case.