Fukrey Actress Vishakha Singh Lashes Out Against Vulgar Comments


Vishakha-FukreyActress Vishakha Singh mainly known for her work in south Indian industry as well as Bollywood took a bold step recently to lash out on few people who made vulgar comments. The actress bashed the abusers on her Facebook post teaching them a good lesson not to disrespect women. These kind of antics happen every other day on actresses’ social media accounts but the Rowdy Fellow actress decided to give them a staunch response.

Apparently, the actress had posted a photo with a tee shirt on that had a quote written on the chest part. To which some vulgar minded pricks started making derogatory comments on her attire that read ‘Nice looking and nice b**bs’. Now the grammar in itself is enough to understand the standard of the person who commented it.

Vishakha took some time out to give the best response ever. She wrote, “Mr MD Mustakim Saifi, 1) remove that innocent child’s picture as your dp. 2) have the guts to put your own profile picture . And then comment. 3) Nice b**bs. I know I am a woman. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, aunts, friends. All of them included. Do you walk to them and say ‘nice b**bs’? Feel sorry for you. Have the guts to say it on my face? Else, get off my page.”


Now while many of her fans and followers supported the 29-year-old beauty, few started making allegations that it is just another publicity stunt proving the point that common sense is really uncommon. The smart actress took the Facebook post down as she didn’t want to attract more negative comments. Vishakha wrote, “Deleted the post that went viral. Not afraid of anyone but simply tired of unwanted negativity. A big thanks to all those who supported.” Well we certainly support your bravery Vishakha. You go girl!


Vishakha Singh started her career doing south Indian films and gradually found her way to Bollywood. The actress has worked in films like Gnaapakam, Pidichirukku, Humsey Hai Jahaan, Housefull, Antharathma, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya, Ankur Arora Murder Case, Bajatey Raho, Vaaliba Raja and Oru Oorla Rendu Raja. She is best known for her role as Neetu in 2013’s hit film Fukrey.