Unbelievable! Baahubali Black Tickets Selling At Rs. 10,000 Each


BahuballiBaahubali is again and again breaking all high records; the film is not stopping at just full houses but is also witnessing another landmark. S.S.Rajamouli’s ambitious project Baahubali has been making news for its poster to its sets to its long shooting schedule. But there is another aspect also to this breath taking film.

Just after the release of Baahubali, crowds are going gaga over the ticket windows leading to black ticketing of the film. Just yesterday we reported how President of Film Audience Association Narasimha Rao filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) application regarding the same. Rao stated in the PIL that people’s lives are being endangered because of the ever growing stampede near the ticket windows for Baahubali, moreover the price of the tickets for Baahubali are illegally hiked at a few places. The HC has finally decided to look into this matter and get a solution.

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It is also being said that because of black ticketing the number of tickets on the counters are much less than they should actually be. Another addition of record to Baahubali is the price of the tickets. Surpassing all the possible ranges Baahubali’s black tickets are being sold at a whooping Rs.10, 000 each. Depicting all the heights of craziness, Baahubali makers have also started drafting a leave letter for all the fans so that they can take a break from their office and school schedules to come and catch the movie. Well we are sure no maker has given such a privilege to its audience by personally drafting a leave letter.

The film Baahubali was much in news when it broke a popular online ticketing booking portal due to its traffic on the site. The film helmed by Rajamouli stars Rana Daggubati, Prabhas, Tamannaah and Anushka Shetty in lead roles. After breaking all the success records in South, the film is all set to release in the metropolitan cities on July 10th.