Niyati Khanna’s Review: Yaariyan – A Huge Let Down

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[tps_footer]Lavish Locations, On Campus Romance, Good Music, Fresh Faces, Zero Story Line: that about sums up Divya Khosla Kumar’s film Yaariyan.

To start with, there is nothing original about the movie. Take one scene from Aamir Khan’s Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, another from Shah Rukh Khan‘s Main Hoon Na, one more from Aamir Khan’s Lagaan and add a scene from the very recent Alia Bhatt starrer Student Of The Year and you get Yaariyan.

Girls on a fashion parade getting kissed all the time, guys lusting for them and even fighting for the same girl – this film is about such random scenes put together.

The movie opens to a scene of a play in motion, where suddenly the person essaying the character of the mother in the play is required to make an entry; but the so called ma is busy kissing her boyfriend backstage. Expect to be treated to such humour throughout the movie – sad, immature and forced.

Yaariyan is all about a college in Sikkim that has five young kids. It’s a boy’s v/s girl’s thing, love v/s lust. Original and fresh, isn’t it?

Trouble comes in when the college auditorium, girl’s hostel and sports ground is being handed over to an Australian developer who wants to build a casino on the campus. So the college kids have to take up five challenges against the Australians and win so that they can prevent this from happening and the lease for auditorium and sports field can be extended for hundred years.

The Australian Developer accepts the challenge. Need we say more on what happens in the end?

Amongst the star cast, one feels sad to see talent like Gulshan Grover and Deepti Naval being wasted. And lets not even talk about the rest of the star cast.

In an interview, Yaariyan‘s director Divya Khosla Kumar  shared how her husband, Bhushan Kumar asked her, “Why do you want to make a film? I can buy you anything worth Rs 05 or Rs. 10 crore as a gift; you don’t have to go through the grind.”

Well Mrs. Kumar, all I can say is your husband is a very intelligent man because he was saving us from this torture and the reputation of his banner under which the film has been produced.

Rating: zero[/tps_footer]