REVIEW: ‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer – The Cocky Billionaire Goes Dark And Edgy

A still from movie 'Iron Man 3'
A still from movie 'Iron Man 3'
A still from movie 'Iron Man 3'
A still from movie ‘Iron Man 3’

Tony Stark fans have reason to rejoice again, the latest trailer of Marvel Comics’ franchise, Iron Man 3, has been released.

The latest trailer featuring the cocky billionaire superhero Tony Stark reveals a lot about the plot of the film. The new trailer is darker and more edgy, and looks like the film will be nothing like we have ever seen before.

Studio bosses promise Robert Downey Jr. Fans are in for a real treat, and the promo seems to live up to their word. There is a change of shade from the previous Iron Man movies, and this threequel seems to have gone down the “Dark Knight-ish” path.

Without giving too much away, here’s our take on the trailer:

The trailer opens with Tony Stark revealing the events of New York (what transpired in the last Marvel Movie, ‘The Avengers’) have changed him as a man. We are shown an Iron Man lying face down in the snow amid the battle ruins and removing his mask to show a bleeding faced Stark.

He is shown as disappointed and a broken man, and reveals to his girlfriend, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, that “There’s probably a 100 people who want to kill me right now.” This shows Stark is actually afraid and fears for his family and himself.

The trailer also speaks about how there are no heroes and how the villain, voiced by Ben Kingsley, will teach everyone, especially Tony Stark, a grave lesson. A montage of Stark going into surgery, and a fleet of helicopters launching missiles to blow up Stark’s home are also seen.

Overall, the trailer sees a lot of action, explosions, the promise of good vanquishing evil again; all the elements that combine to make action films like ‘Iron Man’ in Hollywood, such a big and admired franchise.

This trailer is more serious and edgy than the previous films’ humorous overtures. Critics have given it a thumbs up, with them likening it to the dark, gritty tone of films like The Batman Series – racy, and fast paced.

The film releases in April 2013, in the U.S.

Watch the trailer here: