REVIEW: Jackpot – ‘C’ Grade Movie, Starring Sunny Leone’s Husband


Apparently a film titled Jackpot was released recently, which features ex-porn actress Sunny Leone with Naseeruddin Shah, and her husband Daniel Weber, and a wannabe actor and Gutka maker Sachiin Joshi, popularly known as “Dedh Footiya” – a term coined by Bigg Boss 7 contestant Kushal Tandon.

This same Sachiin Joshi told a tabloid in a paid article, “A good body is half the battle won.” Jackpot has two, trust me: two bodies. One of Sunny Leone. And other body is of Sachiin Joshi. Two minutes into this horrible film, and you want to run away from the theatre.

Films like Jackpot compel me to think: Why and what am I doing? The film neither has a start, nor anything in the middle, and to expect an end is a tall order. I wonder why Naseeruddin Shah signed such a film!

There are three main characters – the Boss (Naseeruddin Shah), Maya (Sunny Leone) and Francis (Sachiin Joshi). The story, as if there is any, revolves around a casino named Jackpot in Goa owned by Boss. Maya and Francis are con artists, who plan to make it big in life by pulling off a con worth Rs 250 crore. This is perhaps first time that being a reviewer, I walked out before this ninety minutes of trash could end. It is that bad!

It has nothing: no story, no screenplay, and dialogues that hardly make sense. Kaizad Gustad has once again proved his worth! And Jackpot makes Boom look like a blockbuster! If there is one thing for which Kaizad needs a standing ovation: it is for wasting Naseeruddin Shah’s talent. Sunny Leone anyways is in Bollywood as long as her hype is there, so her being in such a movie is not a loss for her.

If you thought this was all, then wait! There’s this Sachiin Joshi also in this movie, who looks like one of those roadside “Gutka” spitters, mostly spotted all over India, and the ones who are responsible for spoiling India’s roads and walls! Imagine, he is the lead actor of this film! He can’t speak dialogues, he can’t act, neither has a screen presence, he has just nothing except his father’s Gutka money to waste on movies like this, and making whatever little audiences go to watch such movies suffer with bad migraine. The moment Joshi, who plays a con artist, opens his mouth, you wouldn’t be able to control your laughter! Trust me, even little girls in kindergarten recite poems in their class with more emotions and expressions.

Well, and now the real star of Jackpot: none other than Daniel Weber. He is Sunny Leone’s real life husband, and has a cameo in the movie. He scores full marks in the looks department, and instead of Sachiin Joshi, they should have casted Daniel in lead role, then it might not have been so bad.

Only a fool would waste money on watching this horrible film.

Rating: Can we go for something below ‘C’ level?

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