REVIEW: Looper – Deserves Repeat Viewing From True Sci-Fi Fans

A still from movie 'Looper'
A still from movie 'Looper'
A still from movie ‘Looper’

From ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ to ‘Inception’, ‘50-50’ and now ‘Looper’, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come such a long way.

Director Rian Johnson uses clever make up and prosthetics to transform the cutesy Levitt into stoical assassin Joe. Set in the future (2044) and beyond (2074) to an age when time travel has been invented, and banned, loopers are hired killers in the past who dispose of the future mob’s kill.

The prisoner is sent back in time, killed and disposed off in the past, erasing all traces of him in the future world. So what happens when a looper is required to kill his future self? What a fascinating concept! Joe is textured further as a bachelor who is learning French and saving his silver bars to start a new life one day in France. His hedonistic lifestyle is underscored by an addiction to drugs.

But when his best friend defies the rules of loopers, Joe’s own life is turned upsides down, sliding towards a violent and fatal finish.

Besides time travel, Johnson brings in humans who have developed telekinetic powers and a love story (or two). On the run from his boss (Jeff Daniels), Joe meets single parent Sarah (Emily Blunt) who he tries to protect from his future self (Bruce Willis). This is the stuff sci-fi films are made of – drama, action, plot twists, special effects, futuristic ideas that defy present day logic – but are not beyond imagination, and technical finesse.

The camerawork especially is worth mention besides director Johnson’s admirable control over his subject and material.

A true sci-fi fan will probably be thinking of a repeat viewing after just the first 30 minutes!

Rating: ***1/2

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