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Watch: Joseph Gordon Levitt’s First Snowden Trailer Focuses On NSA Leaks!

The first full-length trailer of Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon Levitt's awaited movie 'Snowden' dropped last night and well it looks crazy.

Meet Bollywood Stars And Their Hollywood Look-Alikes

There are many celebs that have started to even look like many Hollywood actors and actresses.

Anne Hathaway‘s Drunken Escapades At The Oscars!

Hollywood star Anne Hathaway is quite a naughty, rebellious girl. The actress recently revealed she was slightly drunk at last month’s Oscars.

REVIEW: Looper – Deserves Repeat Viewing From True Sci-Fi Fans

From ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ to ‘Inception’, ‘50-50’ and now ‘Looper’, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come such a long way.

BOX OFFICE: The Dark Knight ‘Rises’ over the weekend with steady...

Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises', has firmly caught the attention of the Indian audience.