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After Ghayal Once Again, Another Remake On Sunny Deol’s Mind?

Sunny Deol made a comeback on the silver screen with the sequel of his hit film 'Ghayal' titled 'Ghayal Once Again'.

Ghayal Once Again Review: An Older Sunny Deol Can Still Pack...

Ajay Mehra is back and though 25 years may have passed between ‘Ghayal’ and ‘Ghayal Once Again’, his dhai kilo ka haath can still pack a punch.

Box Office: Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again First Day Opening

Sunny Deol has finally made his come back on the silver screen with 'Ghayal Once Again'.

Sunny Deol: Will ‘Ghayal’ Ever Return?

Sunny Deol, who is currently busy promoting his film Singh Sahab the Great is also very keen to start work on his much delayed project Ghayal Returns.