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Shah Rukh Khan And Wankhede Brawl: Here’s What The Police Said...

In 2012, Shah Rukh Khan landed in trouble when he was accused of abusing under the influence of alcohol at the Wankhede stadium.

Shah Rukh Khan And His Controversies

Shah Rukh Khan is the King of Bollywood which even Salman Khan acknowledges now. But with power comes controversies

Preity Zinta Once Again Clears Her Stand Using Facebook

While the Mumbai Police continues its investigation in the case filed by Preity Zinta, the actor posted on Facebook her version.

Photos: Preity Zinta Snapped Outside The Mumbai Police Headquarters

A fifth eyewitness whose statement was recorded by the Mumbai police on Tuesday against Ness Wadia supported Preity Zinta's case.

Preity Zinta Provides Evidences Against Ness Wadia

The Marine Drive police has recorded the statement of Preity Zinta in the molestation case registered by her Ness Wadia.

Preity Zinta To Kick Off Her Legal Battle On June 19,...

The Mumbai Police is all set to start their probe in the alleged intimidation and molestation case involving Preity Zinta on June 19, 2014.