Bigg Boss 10: Manveer Gurjar Reveals On Taking Revenge From VJ Bani!


It’s only Manveer, Manveer, and Manveer Gurjar everywhere and why not? The desi lad, who participated on the show as a commoner has beaten VJ Bani in the final battle to win Bigg Boss 10 title. Manveer, a local boy from Noida, who entered Bigg Boss 10 house with a tough personality and bold attitude, has become a star now. Surely, winning against Bani, who is reality queen with a huge fan following is really a big thing but Manveer won hearts of the audience with his loyalty towards the game and his fellow contestants. Bani and Manveer had become friends in the past three weeks and were often seen spending time with each other. It was quite a healthy battle between the two good friends in the finale and both are actually the winner for us.

Post-grand finale, Manveer, and VJ Bani were quite busy giving back to back interviews to the media waiting outside the sets of the reality show. The duo expressed their feelings and about their wonderful journey that they spent inside the maddening world of Bigg Boss 10 for three months.

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In an interview with TOI, Manveer recalled to the time when he wanted to take revenge from VJ Bani and that how he changed his perception towards her after spending more weeks inside the house. He said, “During the first week I was nominated because of Bani. I felt bad at that time. Later when she became the captain, she gave me a punishment and made me clean the dishes. That’s when I had thought that I will also become the captain one day and make her do something like this.”

But now, Manveer is all praises for VJ Bani and thinks that she is an inspiration to many. He said, “A girl like Bani is a very rare sight. A girl with lots of tattoos, muscles and abs is very rare. I feel that Bani is an inspiration for many girls as she is sending out a message that ‘Ladkiyan aisi bhi hoti hai’”.

We totally agree with you Manveer and one can’t deny that VJ Bani is also a winner of the show. After all, she has survived and reached the finale of the show on her own without stooping to make fake friends and create controversies.

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