Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan Provokes Luv Tyagi To Check Her Private Parts!

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In order to stay in the limelight, one has to create controversies, fights and argument with their co-contestants to survive in Bigg Boss 11 house. Controversial queen Arshi Khan is one such example who is leaving no stone unturned to grab all the attention with her cheap antics. From wearing revealing outfits to passing out cheap comments, Arshi is doing everything to survive in the house

The last episode of Bigg Boss 11 saw Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi, Benafsha and Priyank Sharma discussing about Arshi Khan’s over revealing outfit. Later on, Arshi tells Vikas Gupta that Luv is staring at her chest. He then suggests Arshi to clear this with Luv in alone and tell him that she is uncomfortable with this.

Arshi then calls Luv Tyagi outside in the living area and questions him about why he is staring at her chest. Luv makes weird faces and says that he isn’t staring at her chest and that he is not at all interested in doing so.

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Arshi Khan does not end the matter there as she continues harassing Luv Tyagi again at the night. It all starts after Vikas Gupta tells Arshi to not let Luv sleep for the whole night. Arshi starts instigating Luv to see her private parts. Vikas and Bandgi also say that Luv is Hina’s bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Hina in the jail, discusses that how Luv is being provoked because they are inside the jail.

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