Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan’s False Accusation On Hina Khan, Akash Dadlani Loses Cool After Puneesh Sharma Cheats Him!


In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 witnessed Priyank Sharma venting out his anger after Arshi Khan makes false accusations on him. Hina Khan too breaks down over Arshi’s false comments on her. Vikas Gupta and other housemates try to sort the issue but nothing works out. Even after making false accusations Arshi Khan had guts to threaten Priyank Sharma. Arshi tells Priyank that she will hit him with shoes.

The dramatic queen Arshi breaks down into tears and keeps screaming that Priyank doesn’t know to respect women. Later, the two once again get into a heated argument. She goes on to say that girls would spit on him once he goes out of the house for disrespecting a woman. Arshi also does that she will keep tearing her clothes and that Priyank’s father has not bought clothes for her. While screaming at the top of her voice, she even tears her slit cut dress.

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After fighting with Priyank, Arshi targets Hina Khan again. Hina had once said that she would love to know about Arshi’s Goa case after going out of the house. Arshi raises that point and threatens to hit Hina Khan.

Later, Vikas Gupta tries to go and talk to Priyank but he avoids it. On the other hand, Priyank is heard talking to Luv and Hina that he never commented on Arshi Khan’s character.

The new day starts with the song of ‘Mangalam’ from Bhool Bhulaiya. The house is now divided into two groups. One is of Hina Khan and other is of Shilpa Shinde.

Hina breaks down into tears after Shilpa Shinde doesn’t cook eggs for breakfast. She makes Hina wait for 45 minutes and then tells that she isn’t her servant to cook for her at any time. Hina breaks down saying that Shilpa could have told her that she can’t cook. She even tells that how 24*7 Shilpa and Arshi are behind her and keep commenting on her looks, age, color and so.

The second day of the task ‘BB Court’ begins and once again things turn personal. Vikas starts the task by addressing Hina as ‘vamp’. Vikas calls Hina in the witness box.

Vikas Gupta questions Hina about the incident when Zubair Khan spoke bad about Arshi. Vikas questions her that why she didn’t support Arshi despite knowing Zubair was clearly wrong.

In defence, Hina keeps telling that she never stood quite and always kept pointing at Zubair Khan’s mistake. Arshi then raises an objection mentioning the dirty things Zubair Khan mentioned and how Hina didn’t speak a single word at that time.

Arshi also says that no one in the house spoke in support of her. To which, Hina replied saying that it is not her fault and that she should question others about the same.

Another day of accusations and fights end in Bigg Boss 11 house.  Sapna and Bandgi announce that Hina’s team wins the third round of the task. At the end of the task, Hina Khan breaks down again while Priyank consoles her. Hina tells her that now she is breaking and can’t take all these stuff anymore in this house.

While we wait to know which team will win the task, we bring a preview of tomorrow’s episode. Get ready to witness the never seen side of Akash Dadlani. Another friendship in Bigg Boss 11 house is going to see a dark day.

Bigg Boss introduces a new captaincy task. Each contestants face was kept in the garden area. One by one the contestants have to spray on the faces of the contender that they don’t want to see as the captain of the house.

Puneesh Sharma sprays on Akash Dadlani’s photo and this leaves him angry to no extent. Akash screams and argues like never before after his close friend ditches him. He also says that Puneesh is dead for me after he cheats him. Shilpa tries to control him but Akash had only one thing to say that he is dead on the show

Catch all these drama in tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss 11!