Bigg Boss 11: Evicted Contestant Jyoti Kumari Makes Some Shocking Revelations!


The toughest part of any journey is the goodbye. After surviving four weeks in the Bigg Boss 11 house, Benafasha, Luv Tyagi and Jyoti Kumari find themselves in the danger zone. Housemates were shocked when Benafsha was asked to leave the house. In final moments of her goodbye, Salman Khan revealed that it was indeed a prank and Jyoti Kumari is the one who would be ending her journey.

Jyoti Kumari entered the house as the youngest contestants and part of the commoners’ clan. She started off as being a motormouth and was often tagged as ill-mannered, but with time and help from her fellow contestants she improved her ways and revealed her true down-to-earth self. Jyoti had managed to build a special bond with some of the contestants, especially Vikas Gupta who treated her as his younger sister. Vikas and Jyoti would often confide in each other and provide support in times of need.

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After being evicted from the house, Jyoti said, “It was the most memorable experience of my life. I have learnt the way of life in this past one month. Everyone in the house is kind and I’ve managed to make some real friends.”

The young Jyoti also spoke at length in an interview with BMTV that the latest nomination process by the makers was unfair. Read out below to know more.
On eviction: I thought Luv Tyagi would be evicted, and I was much better than some of the contestants in the house. There were many contestants who were doing nothing. I am hurt with my eviction.

On feeling cheated: I never trusted people in the house because this game is of cheating each other. At some point, I feel being cheated by Benafsha.

On being nominated by Mehjabi: Mehjabi was totally dishonest on the show since the start. She had committed to not leave my hand during the nomination task, but she did. This time nomination was unfair and in some different zone only. It was unfair!

On Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra’s love angle: I think they are doing this for survival. Their love story is fake.

Jyoti, who hails from Masaudi village, near Patna, talked about her short stay in an interview with HT. She said, “I have spent one month in the house and I am happy about it. I was in a way expecting my elimination as I am from a small town and Luv is from Delhi and others were celebrities.”

Jyoti, who hopes to get back on the show as wild card contestant, thinks Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will be the finalists of the show and according to her, Vikas Gupta should be the winner of the show.

Jyoti Kumari hails from Masuadi, Bihar and recently topped her examinations. She plans on becoming an IAS officer and hopes to achieve much success in life.

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