Bigg Boss 11: Lucinda Nicholas REVEALS The Real Reason Why She Got Evcited In Surprise Eviction

Lucinda Bigg Boss 11

The Bigg Boss journey is filled with loads of twists and turns, and there is no dull day. The contestants were taken aback in Bigg Boss 11 today, when they were asked to nominate one of the Padosis for their abysmal performance in the secret task. Lucinda Nicholas, one of the most affable contestants, found herself getting maximum votes for her eviction and is out of the Bigg Boss house. Even though Lucinda could barely speak Hindi, she made the bold decision of coming on the show and won millions of hearts along the way.

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Lucinda managed to build a bond with the contestants. Despite the fights going on in the house, she was not once rude to anyone. Hina, once, even complimented Lucinda on being better at cleaning the house than the Indian contestants.

After being evicted from the house, Lucinda said, “My biggest disadvantage was the language barrier. Despite that, I feel that I connected with many of the contestants.Everyone inside is a good player, and I loved being a part of the Bigg Boss house. It surely was a big opportunity for me.”

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