Bigg Boss 11: New Luxury Budget Task Cushion Factory Sparks Ugly Fights- Watch Video!


Bigg Boss announces luxury budget task Bigg Boss 11 cushion factory between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde.

Trust Bigg Boss to give some mega surprises to the audience as well as to the Bigg Boss 11 housemates. Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss is going to be another dramatic yet entertaining as a new luxury budget task has been announced in the house. Bigg Boss announces luxury budget task ‘Bigg Boss cushion factory’.

For the task, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde will be playing two individual businessman roles while other housemates would be the workers of the factory. All the workers would freelancers, which mean they can switch the team at any moment. After every few hours, Bigg Boss will give both Shilpa and Vikas a target to make cushions. The two have to hire the workers and get their target done by them. The two have to finish their order and hand over the cushions to Bigg Boss. The housemates have to give their best shot in order to meet the targets for their owners, which have been set by Bigg Boss.

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Bigg Boss announces the first production order of cushions to both Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde, it results in a series of conflicts that hamper their overall productivity. The luxury budget task will bring out the major differences between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta.

Let’s just wait and watch who fights the most and who shouts the most. The task is sure to bring a lot of drama. Meanwhile, you can guess who will win the task, Shilpa or Vikas?

Here’s the sneak peek video:

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