Bigg Boss 11: New Luxury Budget Task To Bring Huge TWIST In Winning Amount- Watch Video!


Nothing comes easy in Bigg Boss 11 house and the new luxury budget task is a proof.

After dramatic nomination day, Bigg Boss has introduced new luxury budget task of the week. This week’s luxury budget task is not only about luxury but also about captaincy. That’s not all; the biggest twist is that the task will also affect the winning prize of the show. Yes, Bigg Boss 11 contestants have been given the biggest shock of the week.

For this task, the garden area of Bigg Boss 11 house has been turned into space and the task is called, “Mission BB11”. In order to keep the winning amount i.e.

Rs 50 Lac intact, the contestants have to sit inside the rocket placed in the garden area. The task is also to increase the winning prize money of the show.

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The sneak peek video of tonight’s episode also shows that certain amount is riding on each contestant. The amount bid on each contestant has been mentioned in the closed envelopes. The contestant, who will step out of the rocket, will become one of the contenders for the captaincy task. But, on the other hand, the specific amount riding on that contestant will be deducted from the winning amount of Rs 50 Lacs.
Every time when the buzzer will ring, the contestants will get an opportunity to step out of the rocket if they want to become captaincy contender and if not, they can continue playing the game.

Now it remains to see who is desperate to become the captain of the house and who actually plays the game to increase winning amount!

Watch the sneak peek video below:

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