Bigg Boss 11 Nominations: Priyank Sharma Goes Bald, Friendships Put To Test


Nomination task puts friendships to test in Bigg Boss 11 house.

In a sneak peak video uploaded on Colors official twitter handle tonight’s episode promises a drama filled Monday for the Bigg Boss 11 audiences!

In the video a telephone tower is set up in the houses’ garden area. As the phone rings, Hina Khan is the first one to climb the tower. She receives the call and as per Bigg Boss, Hina is the first one to get nominated. However, there is a huge twist in the game. In order to save herself from this week’s nominations, Hina has to convince Luv Tyagi to get a heena tattoo on by forehead. The catch is that the heena tattoo is just not a normal pattern but the word ‘ZERO’. In the meanwhile if Luv doesn’t get the tattoo, Hina is not allowed to climb down the tower. Similarly more contestants are seen being presented with the task.

To save himself from nominations, Akash Dadlani has to convince Hiten Tejwani to put a photo that he received on Diwali from his family through a shredder.

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In the next shot we can see Priyank Sharma getting his hair shaved by Akash Dadlani while other house mates watch on.

With a Monday like this, clearly this week is set for a start with lots of groveling, tears, drama and fight galore. Where equations between the contestants change everyday let us see which BB11 friendships can stand the test of nominations.

Watch this sneak peak:

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Watch Video: Bigg Boss 11 Nominations: Priyank Sharma Goes Bald, Friendships Put To Test