Bigg Boss 11: Not Luv Tyagi But Dhinchak Pooja Is In Love With A Guy From Chicago- Watch Video!


Dhinchak Pooja is being linked up to her co-contestant Luv Tyagi but she is actually in love with someone else.

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Dhinchak Pooja is being linked up to her co-contestant Luv Tyagi. As we saw in the recent episode, housemates tease Pooja and Luv and also start talking about their marriage. It all started after Dhinchak Pooja tells Akash and Arshi that she has started liking Luv. Initially, Akash doesn’t believe but Dhinchak Pooja makes him believe saying that Shilpa and Hina told her that Luv has also started liking her. Pooja tells them that as Luv has started liking her, she has also started liking him. Soon Priyank, Benafsha also joins this conversation and they all are having a laugh.

But seems like Dhinchak Pooja has already found someone special outside the house. In the latest unseen video from the show, Pooja was seen talking to Sabyasachi Satapathy about the man she likes from Chicago.

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Pooja reveals that she is in love with someone from Chicago, who had even approached her for the music video. She also added that she would not date a guy who is non-vegetarian but as she does, she would not eat non-veg and won’t even let him eat it. Sabyasachi Satapathy then tells her that things would work out slowly in future.

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