Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta Lashes Out At Hina Khan Saying That She Doesn’t Know How To Respect Women!

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This week’s luxury budget task of Bigg Boss 11 sees Vikas Gupta fighting against Hina Khan!

In this week’s luxury budget task, the Bigg Boss 11 house has been converted into a courtroom where a hypothetical divorce case between Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani is being discussed. While Vikas Gupta is fighting from Arshi’s side, Hina Khan has been assigned the job of Hiten’s lawyer.

Both the lawyers have been using verbal attacks on the opposite party. But while doing so, Hina went too far. She started making remarks on Arshi’s character saying that she works out with men.

Today we will see how Vikas, while defending Arshi, will start making comments on Hina’s behaviour. He will bring out the matter of Hina siding with Zubair Khan in the initial days on the show, when she should have actually fought for the respect of a women!

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Zubair Khan got evicted after the first week only due to his abusive behaviour towards women. While inside the house, he had called Arshi a “do kaudi ki aurat” (a cheap women). Hina, who is otherwise seen taking stands for women’s respect and dignity, was at that time seen siding with Zubair. Vikas will use the same matter to say that Hina does not know how to respect women!

While the lawyers have been involved in a lot of verbal fights in this luxury budget task, the other contestants of the house have not lagged behind.

On one hand Priyank made comments on Arshi’s attires saying that she wears provocative clothes. On the other hand, Arshi apparently called him gay. The fight became really ugly last night. And it is going to be even uglier as the task will continue in tonight’s episode.

Let’ see what more lies for the audience in the controversial house of Bigg Boss 11!

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