Bigg Boss 7: The ‘Dirty’ Rat Race Begins; Gauahar Abuses Tanisha



The rat race has begun in Bigg Boss 7. True colors, true faces are all coming out in the open – for one thing, and only one thing – TICKET TO THE FINALE!

Day 86 was the beginning of the judgement day. Bigg Boss assigned variety of tasks, which were already performed earlier in the house. From the time keeping task, to medal guarding to obeying commands task. Teams were Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi, Ajaz Khan and Kushal Tandon opposite Tanisha Mukerji, VJ Andy, Armaan Kohli and Sangram Singh. Pretty much the way Bigg Boss 7 house is divided, even when there’s no task. Precisely, it was Gauahar VS Tanisha. Other housemates were merely there to fill in for the one hour episode.

First things first: Mr. Ajaz Khan. This guy created an image of being an entertainer, but ended up becoming the chief manipulator Miss Gobar… err, Miss Gauahar Khan’s brainless tool. In few episodes he won sympathy of the audience, in few he created emotional drama – but in the end, now what mostly appears on Bigg Boss 7 is he is only ‘acting’. The perfect teaser of his acting was quite visible on Day 85. In our real life we come across many such people, who are mostly engaged in creating ruckus between others and eat the cake! Mr. Ajaz Khan, no sympathies for you anymore, even if you cry. Faking a suicide is way below the mark. Way below. There absolutely are no words to describe such an act in real life.

Now, moving on to “the fairest of all”, the one and only Miss Gauahar Khan. One thing, which is now clearly evident after observing her for 86 days, and like Sangram Singh once mentioned, Miss Khan feels extremely offended when she’s criticized for her acts. To validate her point, she can go to any extent – be it humiliating or even making personal attacks on others. It’s either her way or the highway. And even if she’s caught on camera, she would never accept it. That’s the reality. Her only goal is to constantly prove that she is always fair and unbiased, and the kind of image she has created, with her PR machinery working nonstop outside the house, along with Kushal’s – she has to come out clean in all such events, and possibly gain as much mileage as possible using Salman Khan‘s name, for her and her boy-toy Kushal Tandon.

The height of which was when they sent a text to me as well, to carry a very pro Gauahar and Kushal article and to show Salman Khan in a very negative light, quoting an entire series of discussion on a popular TV forum website, and various Twitter conversations. Further investigation revealed that all the identities were created recently, had similar language and tone, and the worst part: There are hundreds of such identities, and barring a few rest all looked fake at the first glance itself.

For instance, on Day 85, when she was held responsible for discussing nominations, she never accepted it that she was part of it. On the contrary, she was not only discussing nominations, she even influenced Ajaz to nominate Sangram. Her answer to Ajaz was very clear, “Kushal will always remain your friend, (vote for him), not the one who would escape (jo patli gali se nikal jayega).” But, she refused to accept it.

And finally, in today, December 10, 2013‘s episode more colors of the housemates were explored. “Motormouth” of Gauahar was also back, and as usual, she didn’t want others to say a word. This is a routine now. The other strange thing is she still thinks that if she is wrong “Bigg Boss” will tell her! If you remember this was her excuse when her first verbal spat with Kamya Punjabi happened in first few weeks. She still is using the same excuse to silence others! But today, Sir “King of Abuses and Apologies”, his royal highness Sir “Angry bird” Armaan Kohli paaji answered her back! All he told her was “ask Bigg Boss”, and that silenced her.

The other major thing which offended the audience was the way Gauahar spoke with Tanisha. Earlier too Gauahar has told Tanisha to stop “barking”, but Tanisha didn’t react. And today it crossed all the borders. First when there was confusion in the medal task, Tanisha asked Gauahar to read the manual, because Gauahar was the felicitator of the task. But Gauahar lashed out at Tanisha, and told her very rudely, “Do not guide me.” Tanisha didn’t react, and kept quiet.

Then Kamya was given a task by Armaan to balance her body on four fingers. Gauahar interrupted, and said she did it in 12 seconds, so practically it’s not possible. Fair enough. Her suggestion was counted, and Kamya had to stay on for 30 seconds, which she did. This again erupted into a debate, and Armaan said they must not listen to Gauahar’s suggestion. Tanisha told Gauahar that she is only a felicitator. That’s it! And Gauahar again lashed out at Tanisha, and this time even hurled abuses at Tanisha. Tanisha kept on saying, “What is fair is fair.” She even asked Gauahar to not use bad language. This further angered Gauahar. Tanisha didn’t react in the same way, but gave her back in her funny style – the ‘act’ of mimicking!

Everybody is here to play game, and everybody wants to win. Tanisha too is playing her own game, but that doesn’t mean abuses are hurled at her. Thousands of media pages are filled with Tanisha and Armaan’s intimate moments, but that’s her choice, not her crime. The only thing which Tanisha needs to work on very strongly is raise her voice, and break the image of being a weak woman, and come out strong.

On other side, Kamya Punjabi is moving ahead with proper balance. She has a voice, she is confident, she is original. Sangram Singh too showed off his cute emotional side when everyone in the house, except Andy, were nominated this week, because of Kushal and Ajaz. He is afraid of nominations, but he is not running away from accepting it. Being nominated makes him nervous, and he doesn’t hide it. Sangram Singh reminds me of those rare kind of Indians, who dwell in North Indian villages. Ones who are honest, who are innocent, and people living in cities always wonder how these people manage to stay so healthy! The other quality worth talking about Sangram is he always keeps himself in backseat, when it comes to gaining anything. Salman Khan very perfectly caught this point, and made the audience know that Sangram too has never become the captain in Bigg Boss 7, but he still made way for Andy. A strong person is the one who uses his patience and calmness, the one who doesn’t react to unnecessary things – and that’s Sangram for you. After 86 days, the only two people who have strongly held their fort on their own – Kamya Punjabi and Sangram Singh – hats off to the patience and maturity, which others seem to not have at all, except Tanisha, who is yet to come out of Armaan’s shadow and make the audience know that she too can speak.

Though I don’t understand one thing: Why was Kushal Tandon brought back on the show? What’s his role in the house? To create a love-story for Gauahar, which totally looks fake from all angles, or because Ajaz is also in the house, so a triangle is formed, which too looks fake now! After all, girls love toys! Right? (Wink!) One question to the makers: do you think Kushal is an eye candy for women? If yes, then you’re sadly mistaken! Asif Azim is a better choice any day!

In the end of day 1 of the “Ticket to Finale” task, Gauahar, Kushal and Armaan were declared out by winning team members. The games continue on Day 87, and more dirty faces, dirty colors will be splattered all over. Keep your fingers crossed till then!

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