Bigg Boss 7: Filthy, Abusive War – Kushal VS Armaan, Who Won?



Bigg Boss 7 is now a war-zone. It’s dirty, it’s bloody abusive, and it’s disgusting. There are few headlines that often appear in newspapers, “Man killed friend over fight for 50 Rs”, or “Neighbors fight over washing clothes, 3 killed”, and many such headlines – they routinely appear, and we used to ask this question, “What have we come to? What crazy world we are living in?” Well, watch Bigg Boss 7, and you will get your answer.

Everyone by now knows that if Armaan Kohli is provoked, he erupts like a volcano. But still they do it. In the name of entertainment if they want to fight, they can. But why bring Kajol, Tanuja and Ajay Devgn in their fights? Is it fair to talk to a camera, when you know it’s being watched by almost entire nation – and question a mother about what kind of daughter she brought to earth?

And today, no matter how much I respect him, and my love for him is unconditional and boundless, I just am very upset with Salman Khan. Why dear Salman Khan you admire people like Ajaz Khan, and make them feel that they own the house, and can do anything in the name of entertainment? The way Ajaz is fixed in a love-triangle is entertaining, the way he wooed and still woos Gauahar Khan is entertaining, his “bhai bhai” jokes are entertaining, the way he does mimicry of popular Bollywood stars is entertaining, but what he did in last few days – is that entertainment?

Tanisha Mukerji on the other hand has always controlled her language. Ajaz, whenever he nominates Tanisha for eviction, the way he talks about her, while giving reason for nomination, is always below the belt. Both, Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan have been abusive recently. They are constantly entering personal spaces, and very conveniently now even going up to almost abusing Armaan’s father and Tanisha’s family. And one thing I really wonder is: who are these people, who so easily abuse anybody’s respected family members? How many of us knew that guys named Ajaz Khan or Kushal Tandon existed on this planet before Bigg Boss 7?

And amidst all this is Sofia Hayat. She is rightfully known as ‘kerosene’, and she’s doing her job very well. Now, Kushal and Ajaz are very well aware of her nature, and have used her to the core.

On Day 81, it was all visible. Though the fights and verbal spats continued, the best part of Day 81 was – Andy becoming the new captain of Bigg Boss 7. Kamya Punjabi, who might have had the guilt of being a bit unfair to Andy’s mom, finally gave up – and let India’s favorite housemate Andy finally own the big bed. I totally appreciate Kamya for the gesture, and we also must hope Andy keeps the promise. Knowingly or unknowingly, he has to now make sure he doesn’t hurt Kamya again. It’s a task which Andy can very much perform well, the way he keeps himself groomed. “Vote for Andy! Vote for Andy!”

On the opposite side, Gauahar’s role is now almost reduced to being Kushal’s personal censor-board. Her day starts with “Kushal stop, Kushal don’t, Kushal behave” and ends with that. She was seen literally babysitting Kushal and Ajaz all the time.

It would be really interesting to see how Salman Khan will handle the situation. He has two choices – either do it his style, where he literally takes the case of the devil of the week, or do it according to creative team’s suggestions.

It was very clear this week that though Armaan was in all the fights, situation went out of hands several times, but still it was also visible that he was provoked most of the times. He has been like this from the start, and there’s no scope of improvement, but then anybody could lose it at some point, after such below the belt abuses, right? Armaan, of course is no enlightened master! But, this week Armaan Kohli has emerged as winner in this probably the worst ever verbal spat between him and Kushal. Team Kushal, which comprises of Sofia and Ajaz are losers. I’ll keep Gauahar out of this, as this week was even hard on her.

Armaan definitely needs therapy, but this week there are mostly Kushal and Ajaz who need therapy more than Armaan. Let’s see what “therapy” Salman Khan will give them, this weekend, if at all he chooses to do so!

What do you think? Did Kushal and Ajaz go a bit too far while provoking Armaan? Let us know in comments below!

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