Bigg Boss 7: Shocking Truth – Salman Khan VS The Liars



The final countdown in Bigg Boss 7 has begun, with only three evictions to go; December 14, 21 and 18. The stage is set, the mood is right and the red carpet is waiting for the Grand Finale on December 29,2013.

The eight contestants remaining in the Bigg Boss 7 house are: Tanisha Mukerji, Armaan Kohli, Gauahar Khan, Kushal Tandon, VJ Andy, Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan and Kamya Punjabi. But, this season has two more names in this list: One is Bigg Boss himself, and second is Salman Khan. Before we get into Bigg Boss and Salman Khan, let’s first start with the others.

This entire week was the most traumatic one, not just for the housemates, but also for their fans outside. The fans of each housemate, the fans of Bigg Boss – the show, and fans of Salman Khan – it is a huge fan-war on social media. The way everyone is reacting, either on Twitter or Facebook or even on the Colors website is seriously insane. Bigg Boss 7 has crossed all lines of chivalry, decency, dignity, grace and respect; the dirt is widespread on the internet, so deep, such that even after years – on Google – the dirt will popup. Even if they want to erase it, it will never go away.

Coming to the housemates: Each single housemate is playing games, barring a few. They are shrewd, they are mean – and they are here to get as much mileage as possible. Some are here to resurrect their dull or dead careers, while some are here just to make pure money.

Here is my analysis of the Top Ten (housemates plus Bigg Boss and Salman Khan), after thoroughly going through thousands of conversations on the internet, and the summary of everything I could decipher from what has been aired so far:

The Shrewd And The Nasty: Without any doubts – Tanisha Mukerji and Gauahar Khan. Both are here to win, and they desperately need the limelight. Their careers are going nowhere, and definitely Bigg Boss 7 is a life changing decision for both. Tanisha and Gauahar have managed to identify an arm-candy for themselves. Both have a game plan.

Look at this: Tanisha has tolerated everything of Armaan, and occasionally she apologizes too for no fault of hers, she has entirely given herself to Armaan’s wish and command. But, by doing so, Tanisha has managed to always keep Armaan on her side. Today, she has three votes in her favor – Armaan, Andy and her own vote.

On the other hand there is Gauahar. She has Kushal, madly, blindly lapped around her, and also has Ajaz running behind her like a lunatic. She too has three votes now – Kushal, Ajaz and her own vote. This is the real game!

The Dumb And The Dumber: Obviously, Armaan Kohli and Kushal Tandon all the way. Armaan’s weakness: possibly needs an ‘YES’ man all the time around him. Plus, he also appears to be ‘sex starved’. Tanisha has identified it very perfectly. Though, Tanisha always comes out clean in the end. She, as an individual, has never come in the limelight. She is in the news, or in the discussions so far because of her being close to Armaan. Ultimately, while putting the gun on Armaan the spotlight is always on her.

Same is with Kushal. His weakness is love, and needs somebody to constantly pamper him. Gauahar has very well identified this. Kushal has always appeared to be a spoilsport, never a healthy competitor, and from the start itself he has always backed out from several tasks, or removed the microphone several times. He is a quitter, and not the one to face the challenge. But before we can know who the real Kushal is, it was too late. Whenever Kushal Tandon will be remembered in future, he shall always be remembered as Gauahar’s boyfriend on Bigg Boss 7. Kushal is looking for an identity, and Gauahar is giving him that.

Thali Ke Baigan: VJ Andy and Ajaz Khan. No doubt they are also the most entertaining ones on Bigg Boss 7, but they are neither here nor there. Earlier Andy was friends with Gauahar, now he is in Tanisha’s group. Though he appears to be close to Sangram Singh, very rarely he has stood up for Sangram. Ajaz on other hand calls himself Gauahar’s friend, but many times he has put Gauahar into trouble. For instance, the toy factory task. He chose to be on Kushal’s side. When Ajaz was in the caravan, he pledged to teach Kushal a lesson, but things changed. He now appears to be best friends with Kushal and less of Gauahar. His behavior is confusing. Nevertheless, Andy and Ajaz are very entertaining, but it ends there. Period.

The Dignified Ones: The only two people who have remained consistent and dignified are Sangram Singh and Kamya Punjabi. Yes, they too have had their share of fights and mood swings – but there is nothing dirty that you can talk about them. Gauahar constantly keeps crediting herself for being fair, but according to the facts and the track records – Sangram and Kamya are the fairest amongst all so far. They are playing a really healthy game, and with dignity. They’ve held their ground very strongly.

Most Biased One: Yes, that’s Bigg Boss himself. He has made different set of rules for different people. Kushal was asked to leave the house for being violent with Andy. Fair enough. Then why Armaan Kohli is still in the house? Armaan has had the ugliest spats with almost everyone. The very recent one with Sofia Hayat. Also, in all previous seasons people were strictly warned if they come out of smoking room and smoke, but Armaan walks around the house. He yells, he abuses, and does all sorts of things, but Bigg Boss just keeps watching him. Maximum that has been done is he would be called in the confession room, politely reprimanded. That’s all.

The Honest, The Forthright: That is Salman Khan for you. Before you read further, just give him a huge round of applause – because he deserves it. The way he did for Kamya when he was watching her ‘toy factory’ act on TV recently. No matter how much people write and argue on Salman Khan, as host of Bigg Boss, the fact remains that it is Salman Khan who pulls in the crowds. TRPs of his weekend episodes don’t just shoot up in India, but also overseas where the episodes are being aired.

The man has tried really hard to drill some sense into the housemates, sometimes jokingly, sometimes by making fun of them, and sometimes directly on their face. Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 7 has gone a step ahead and shared with the housemates his own examples and stories, about how similar mistakes have always landed him in trouble. Salman even once narrated to the housemates how he still can’t erase what was written about him years ago, how being labelled for knee-jerk reactions is almost impossible to get rid of. Honestly answer this one question: In which country, on which show does a host of a reality TV show talk to the contestants who are all there to win like the way Salman talks to them? If there was an intelligent person in place of Kushal, he would have taken all the advices which Salman gave with utmost sensibility and dignity. Salman Khan’s suggestions and advices come from an unbeatable experience, something that even the highest paid PR company or a publicist can’t give. On the contrary, the housemates are getting paid for being on the show, and are also getting guidance where required from Salman Khan, whose job is only to host the show.

The irony is nobody bothered to listen to him. There’s a saying in Hindi, “Ghar ki murgi daal barabar” (You don’t give importance to something that’s easily available to you). This is how the housemates of Bigg Boss 7 treated Salman Khan. And in the end, they made a fool out of themselves.

The most shocking part is what am about to tell you now. From very credible sources we have learnt that the PR guys of certain housemates are behind pulling down Salman Khan. Their goal is only one: to gain all the mileage possible using “brand Salman Khan”. Hundreds of fake accounts have been created, hundreds of unverified conversations are being seeded around, the PR mechanism is on full swing. Calls are being made, texts are being sent, all the favors are being pulled in – just to get few stories against Salman Khan pushed. First put a social media strategist on the job, who are now available at nominal fees, get a certain topic trending. The seeds are now sown. The debate continues, influential people on social media have a task: to push the information further, and then the damage is done. In real life the situation would be like this – hundreds of liars are pushed in a crowd. They shout something in chorus, drawing attention of others. A common tactic often displayed in Bollywood films, where the villain puts his goons in the rally of an honest leader to taint him.

Is winning a reality TV show this important for some? Yes, because their entire careers and life are going to change with the media coverage, the publicity and whatever they can gain using Salman Khan’s name. This is the brutal truth.

Having said the above, all I want to drive home is – do whatever you want to, man! The truth can never be buried. It will always bounce back, it will always come haunting you, because what you give is what you get! Now, over to you!

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