Bigg Boss 7: Shocking, Ugly, Dirty Past Comes Haunting



Bigg Boss 7 contestants Pratyusha Banerjee, Tanishaa Mukerji, Gauahar Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Sofia Hayat have very shocking past stories.

Partially it was revealed on the show by themselves. And some was revealed during the customary fights and abusive sessions; which unfortunately have become a part and parcel of Bigg Boss 7.

Here are all the shocking, ugly, dirty stories from the past of these contestants revealed…

Kamya Punjabi:

Kamya 02

From the outside, Kamya Punjabi comes around as a strong, independent woman; known for saying things “on the face”. But during her stay in Bigg Boss 7, Kamya’s strong exterior just fell apart. She revealed her vulnerable side.

Kamya opened up about her past, to reveal that a month before entering the show, she had been through a divorce.

If sources are to be believed, Kamya has had a traumatic married life. Her husband Bunty Negi used to physically abuse her. It that was not enough, on January, 24, 2013, he fell off from the fifth floor, while attending a friend’s party at the friend’s apartment. Bunty was immediately rushed to the Hinduja Hospital, and was diagnosed with multiple fractures and other major injuries.

Bunty was an alcoholic, as revealed by our sources. They claim this to be the reason for the fall; while others say this was just an accident. I would leave it for Kamya to decide, and would not hurt her sentiments here. Respect for the brave woman.

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