‘Bigg Boss 8’: Confirmed No Eviction Tonight, Aarya And Preetam Safe

Salman-Aarya-Preetam-safeAs reported earlier by businessofcinema.com tonight there is no eviction in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 8 house. Aarya and Preetam are safe. Deepshikha, Gautam and Sonali are on the hot seat.

Breaking ‘Bigg Boss 8′ With Salman Khan, Contestant Evicted Tonight Is…?

And tomorrow we will break the news of who gets evicted. So stay tuned.

This week, the nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 8 included- Deepshika, Aarya Babbar, Gautam Gulati, Sonali Raut  and RJ Pritam Singh. Aarya was very sure and adamant that he should be evicted after the Aarya- Minissha controversy that happend.

Salman Khan called Aarya into the confession room to clarify about the allegation made by Minissha Lamba during her conversation with Diandra. Minissha had confided to Diandra that Aarya had asked Minissha to fake a romance in the Bigg Boss house.

When Salman asked Aarya about this, he just denied it. He also sweared on his mother. Aarya told him that he had asked Minissha once that would his boyfriend be ok if he watches her hugging, to which she said no – he would not like it. He said we only had a conversation regarding this, and nothing else. Just to be safe, Aarya spoke about his personal life with Minissha, which didn’t go down too well, not only with Minissha but Salman too.

Deepshika nominated Sonali Raut and Gautam

Arya nominated Sonali Raut and Gautam

Diandra nominated Gautam and Preetam

Upen Patel nominated Preetam and Sonali Raut

Sonali Raut nominated Arya Babbar and Deepshika

Sushant nominated  – Gautam and Preetam

Soni Singh nominated Gautam and Arya Babbar

Preetam nominated  Deepshika and Diandra

Karishma nominated Gautam and

Gautam nominated Karishma tanna and Arya Babbar

Minisha lamba nominated arya babbar karishma tanna

Punnet Issar deepshika and minisha lamba

Natasa nominated  Sonali raut and preetam

Praneet Bhatt nominated  Deepshika and minisha

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