Exclusive Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan PUNCHES Hina Khan, Here’s What Salman Khan Does!


The drama inside the Bigg Boss house is growing intense with every passing day. This week of Bigg Boss 11 witnessed ugly spats, much foul -mouthed language and much more that had shook the house. One of the fights that took ugly turn was between Arshi Khan and Hina Khan.

To people who don’t know, Hina and Arshi got into a war of words recently. Arshi picked up her footwear to hit Hina. After which, Hina gets angry and in rage of anger Arshi spits at her from the jail. This gross act leaves Hina angry to the core. Now, their fight to is going to take a dramatic turn as the two will battle out again but this time, in front of Salman Khan.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, there will be a face off between Arshi Khan and TV star Hina Khan in sultani akhada. This will be the never seen fight of season 11 in “Sultani Akhada”. Yes, and sure to keep you entertained throughout the task.

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Salman Khan introduced Sultani Akhada task between Arshi and Hina. This was also a time for both to take revenge. For one of the rounds of task, Hina Khan had to get her flags which were placed towards Arshi Khan’s side. On the other hand, Arshi had to get her flags which were placed on Hina’s side.

While trying to get into each other’s side, Arshi left no stone unturned to create ruckus during the task. She went on to punch Hina, pretending to giving her best in the task. However, she was trying more to hit Hina. Hina, too, went on to hit Arshi with the lower part of the flag. The two got into physical fight which made Salman Khan to stop the task there itself and no winner was declared.

This is surely going to be a much watch episode of the weekend! What say?

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