EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde Turns Lucky And You Won’t Believe How!

shilpa shinde bigg boss 11

Expect the unexpected in Bigg Boss 11 house!

On Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, Salman Khan promised viewers that he will be back on Sunday with much more drama and entertainment. Get ready; tonight’s episode is going to be like never before as contestants will be revealing one of the deep dark secrets of their life in front of the cameras. Each contestant has to reveal one secret of their life in a booth installed in the garden area.

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Well, now we EXCLUSIVELY reveal the big twist of this task that has been introduced by host Salman Khan. After the contestants revealed their secrets, a panel was called on the sets. The panel had to decide that who revealed the deepest and genuine secret of their lives.

Someone who could impress with her secret was none other than Shilpa Shinde. Yes, that’s not all, she even gets safe from this week’s nomination. So, Shilpa Shinde is safe from the nominations task, which will be carried in the house very soon.

Meanwhile, as earlier we EXCLUSIVELY revealed, Dhinchak Pooja has been evicted from the show. Catch all these drama in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 at 9 PM.

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