Exclusive Bigg Boss 11: This Team Wins The Luxury Budget Task Of The Week!

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The winner of the new Bigg boss 11 luxury budget task is….

The recent episode of Bigg Boss 11 witnessed housemates taking revenge in the name of the new luxury budget task. Bigg Boss has introduced new luxury budget task, ”Lilliput and Daanav’. For the task, the contestants are divided into two teams. Arshi Khan, Luv Tyagi, Hina Khan and Akash Dadlani are one team. On the other hand, Hiten Tejwani, Bandgi Kalra, Puneesh Sharma and Shilpa Shinde are in one team. Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta are the ‘sanchalak’ of the task. 

For the first round, Hina Khan’s team tortured demons i.e Shilpa Shinde’s team. Now tonight, the tables will turn as Shilpa’s team will be torturing Hina Khan’s team. Well, Shilpa’s team will leave no stone unturned to harass the opposite team. From using garlic on Akash Dadlani’s face, to trimming Luv Tyagi’s hair, Shilpa Shinde and her team behaved true ‘Lilliputs’. 

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While you are waiting to catch the new drama in tonight’s episode, let us reveal who has won this task. We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Shilpa Shinde and her team has won this week’s luxury budget task. 

However, it was quite a difficult decision for the sanchalak Vikas Gupta. He was quite trapped with his friends in both the teams.  Post the task, Hina Khan claimed that the Lilliput Daanav task has exposed Vikas Gupta’s dirty game. She goes on to add that he misused his authority as the Sanchalak of the task to help Shilpa Shinde and her team win the task.

Vikas Gupta responds to this allegation by going to each one and explaining that how difficult it was for him to take this decision. He also tells Hina Khan that they used chill powder, which was not fair.  To which, Hina replies saying that how Shilpa’s team used their personal belongings in the task and he did nothing. 

Bigg Boss 11 promises to entertain the viewers and looks like another entertaining episode is on its way tonight. Meanwhile, Luv Tyagi, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma nominated for this week’s eviction. 

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