Exclusive Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta’s Late Night Shocking Move After Getting Into A Major Fight With Shilpa Shinde!


Bigg Boss 11 show is witnessing some interesting drama one after the other. Vikas Gupta, who is one of the controversial contestants in the house, has done something very shocking once again.

Surviving in Bigg Boss 11 house is obviously not an easy task. The housemates have to be very strong in order to face difficult situations. As earlier we exclusively revealed, Vikas Gupta had tried to escape Bigg Boss 11 house once again. Yes, in tonight’s episode you will see how Vikas Gupta tries to run away from the house after having an ugly fight with Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. However, Bigg Boss immediately stops him and calls him to the confession room. Vikas will be seen pleading to Bigg Boss to let him quit the show and pay the penalty for breaching the contract. Bigg Boss asks him to take his time and think about the game once again.

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After much drama and fights in the house, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, after everyone goes off to sleep, late night Vikas Gupta once again tries to escape from Bigg Boss house. Yes, Vikas has an emotional breakdown after a major fight with Shilpa Shinde. The two once again get into an ugly fight that forces Vikas to run away from the house. Once again, Bigg Boss stops Vikas Gupta from doing so.

Now, it remains to see if Vikas Gupta will be punished for breaking Bigg Boss’ rule. Looks like he can also be sent to Kaalkothri (Jail) for repeating the same mistake thrice.

What is going to be in an upcoming episode? Will Bigg Boss allow Vikas to leave the house? How would Salman Khan react to the same during the weekend ka vaar? We’ll get to know this in the coming episodes.

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