LEAKED: ‘The Bachelorette India’ Winner Is Vijay Singh


MUMBAI: It all began on October 7, 2013 when ‘The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika’ started on Life OK. Today, we exclusively have the leaked information on the winner! 

FLASH BACK: There were thirty suitors who were all set to woo this bold and beautiful girl. Week after week Mallika Sherawat eliminated the suitors, leaving only Karan Sagoo and Vijay Singh to finally make a place in Mallika’s heart.

One could see that Mallika was fond of Karan from the word go, but Vijay slow and steadily reached on the top. One could see sparks between Vijay and Mallika as she even smooched him on screen, but then she kept Karan as well. So, the viewers keep thinking that there is still hope and she may choose Karan.

With Vijay, Mallika was very confortable; he could control her and often mentioned that he would protect her. The only issue with Vijay was that he is not as worldly wise as she is and is not a very good talker.

Coming to Karan Sagoo, Mallika liked the carefree attitude he shouldered, he was good looking, knew how to handle Mallika but what came across was the fact that Mallika could never dominate him. Yes, they would be compatible no doubt but then he does have a mind of his own.

Knowing how head strong Mallika Sherawat is – she had to choose Vijay Singh, as the winner of ‘The Bachelorette India’.

Yes! If our source from the reality show is to be believed, then in the Grand Finale, that was shot last night, Mallika has finally selected Vijay Singh to be her partner.

Of what we know and seen of Mallika, we do not see her marrying Vijay. Yes, they may date for a while but committing to marriage is a tall order for Mallika Sherawat. Also with the way she has just gone about the show it’s very clear that she is just in to make money, get in some publicity and just have fun! SAD! BUT TRUE!

Also, if sources are to be believed – then Mallika had taken this decision weeks ago, but then had to go through the basic format of the show. The makers did try and push her to choose Karan but Mallika was very adamant and clear.

Well, we hope that if at all there is a next season of this show, then the makers should take care not to make mockery of the institution of marriage.

We rest our case here!

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