Priyank Sharma’s Co-contestants From Splitsvilla Make These Shocking Revelations On His Relationship With Vikas Gupta!


Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma are madly in love with each other, says the latter’s co-contestants from Splitsvilla.

Priyank Sharma has been one of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 11. After he was asked to leave the house, there were also rumours of his break-up with girlfriend Divya Agarwal. Also, there have been constantly reports doing the rounds of media on his alleged relationship with Vikas Gupta.

All of us know that Priyank Sharma was a part of the show MTV Splitsvilla X. So from the same show, his co-contestants Hritu Zee and Akash Choudhary have talked about Priyank’s relationship with Vikas. They even said that the former’s relationship with Divya (Priyank’s girlfriend) is fake.

While talking to Telechakkar, they stated that Priyank and Vikas are madly in love with each other. Akash said that the two of them are very close and also that he keeps seeing their stories on the social media.

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Hritu also said that Vikas’ Instagram stories are always revolving around Priyank. At the end, Akash said that there is no smoke without fire.

Talking about Priyank and his girlfriend Divya, earlier, a report on TellyChakkar suggested, “Divya had strong feelings for Priyank but now they have broken up! They were never really into a strong relationship. It was always dicey. Divya did have feelings for him but Priyank never really showed much interest. Vikas Gupta’s news was indeed a huge blow to her. She got a reality check.”

But Divya herself had rubbished all such reports of her break up with Priyank!

Meanwhile, Priyank Sharma has been called back into the Bigg Boss house. Earlier, he was thrown out of the house for slapping his co-contestant Akash Dadlani. And now with his comeback, Akash seems to be furious!

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