Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma Reveals Something About Bandgi Kalra’s Boyfriend Dennis Nagpal, Her Reaction Is Shocking!

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In the Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, we saw Priyank Sharma making a grand entry in the house. But before he enters the house, Bigg Boss tells him to not tell anything about the outside world to the contestants and if he does, he will be punished for the same. Priyank then meets everyone in the house, even makes peace with Akash Dadlani.

Despite Bigg Boss warning Priyank not to tell anything about the outside world, he hints at some of the situations that creates a stir inside the house. Priyank tells Sapna to use the words ‘Pune and Goa’ against her, something that he hinted about her police cases. Sapna does the same, which creates a huge fight between them. Arshi then confronts Priyank about it and that if he has revealed things to Sapna, to which he pretends to not know anything of it.

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Priyank Sharma then drops another bomb. He goes to Bandgi and tells her that her boyfriend Dennis Nagpal loves her a lot. Bandgi’s reaction was quite shocking! She sarcastically reacts saying that it would be better that whosoever outside should keeps his mouth shut. She further says, “You know nothing about him. He (Dennis Nagpal” is the worst person I have ever met.”

Priyank then asks Bandgi if its love or just friendship with Puneesh Sharma. Bandgi replies saying that there is no love or liking sort of between her and Puneesh but it is also not fake.

Priyank tells Bandgi Kalra how Puneesh Sharma lied to her about his marriage and not having a child. To which she responds saying that Puneesh had made it clear that he has no child and that he is married.

Meanwhile, Bandgi Kalra’s boyfriend Dennis Nagpal has broken up with her in the outside world. Recently, Dennis took to Instagram and blasted out Bandagi. He shared an Instagram story in which he said she “never” deserved him. He also added that he had deleted all pictures of Bandgi from his profile.

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