Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Gautam Gulati Is The New Captain


[tps_footer]Bigg Boss 8 is filled with a lot of drama, and we all have already seen the whole Bigg Boss 8 house inmates going against Gautam Gulati.

We earlier already revealed (Bigg Boss 8: Day 53: Good Things Happen, At The Cost Of Someone), where Diandra punished Gautam Gulati with polishing many shoes, she granted Dimpy Mahajan‘s wish to release Puneet Issar from the prison, thus infuriating Karishma Tanna.

And if that drama wasn’t enough, a person will be chosen for captaincy tonight. The task given was that to hold a ring for as long as possible.

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While Pritam and Dimpy were strongly competing, Gautam was also a strong competitor; he did not leave the ring for a very long time, and infact it was suprising to see his Bigg Boss 8 roomies cheer for him. First time probably Gautam was appreciated by the Bigg Boss 8 inmates. But the mastermind of the plot was Diandra Soarez, who actually told the housemates to cheer for Gautam just to make him feel happy. We wonder why?

Apart from the 3- Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh and Dimpy Mahajan, Renee was also chosen for the captaincy task and she tried to justify the task to the extent she could.

So in tonight’s episode you will see a lot of fights and drama. All four inmates, Pritam, Dimpy, Gautam and Renee will be seen holding tight to the ring to fight for captaincy.

In an effort to be the next house captain, Gulati steals money from the opponent’s team as part of the challenge and ends up in a tiff with Singh and Bhatt. His buddies lash out at him asking him to prove his worth as captain. They even go on to discuss it with the rest of the contestants about why he is not fit to lead.

Praneet and Gautam will be seen fighting, he hits Gautam and in anger leaves the ring. Gautam is furious at Praneet, there is a lot of shouting and anger between them. The other inmates will also be seen shouting at Gautam. They all leave the ring in disgust, and tell him that nobody wants to talk and listen to Gautam. Gautam was the only one holding the ring till the end, so he becomes the new Captain. You will see a lot of fights in tonight’s episode even Karishma Tanna joins in the screaming.

Now, the new Captain in Gautam Gulati, but will anyone listen to him?

Salman Khan rightly says in the Bigg Boss 8 promos, “Yeh Safar Hoga Mast, Kyunki Twists Honge Zabardast.” Now finally after such a long time Bigg Boss 8 seems to find track of how to entertain the auidences!

Stay tuned to to know more Bigg Boss stories.

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