Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Dimpy And Pritam’s Ugly Fight

Dimpy-PretamBigg Boss 8 the most controversial reality show. Now at the Bigg Boss 8 house, there is a new task. In this task they have to get safe from nominations. So the contestants playing the task are Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna and R J Pritam.
Now in this task the contestant who sat for the longest time on the chair will be safe from eviction.
Pritam and Dimpy got into an ugly spat, wherein they both didn’t refrain from abusing each other. All this happened when Dimpy jokingly tried poking Pritam despite been given repeated warning.
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The scene took an instant awful turn when Dimpy spoke abused (BC)and tells him that he is not a man, which she shouldn’t have said. Absolutely miffed, Pritam got back from the seat and walked upto her telling her things getting totally out of control and abused her too hence loosing the task.
And as off the last update, Gautam and Karishma are still sitting on the chair. In our next story, we will break the news of the winner of the task.
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