Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Sambhavna Seth’s Open Threat To The Housemates


It’s just not easy for the challengers to beat the champions who have survived already since 14 weeks in the Bigg Boss 8 house.

Last night, first nominations took place between champions and challengers. As champions had some advantage, they were safe from the nominations. Challengers who got nominated by the champions’ team were Mahek Chahal, Sambhavna Seth and Ajaz Khan.

Later the first luxury task of Halla Bol named, yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar took place between champions and challengers. The housemates were divided into two teams, having their usual members in the team.

The task had different segments but the aim of the game was to make the teams compete with each other in order to capture maximum area of the house claiming their ilaaka like Garden, washroom, living room and kitchen.

The first task was for the garden area, wherein two trees stood tall with green fruits on one and red fruits on other. The task was to steal fruits from the opposite teams tree and hide it at a safe place.

Just as the task began housemates ran here to grab the fruits and even climbed up on the tree to steal.

Karishma and Pritam made most of the advantage, they revived by hiding fruits in different areas of the house knowing very well that the opposite team had no access to the house except garden.

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But the task created mess for the champions as challengers broke the rule of the house and stole fruits of opposite team from bedroom.

As per rule, if the challengers had to go or use a particular area they had to take permission and a visitor’s pass to do so. Only one challenger can go at a time in that particular area.But challenger girls Sambhavna Seth, Mahek Chahal and Sana Khan broke the rule and entered the house at night while others were sleeping.

The three challenger ladies stole the basket of fruits of Champions that was hidden under the bed.

The next day morning, champions protested and even requested Bigg Boss against the breakage of rules by the challengers. Bigg Boss chooses to give no reaction but to keep the task on.

Later, a heated argument sparked up between Sambhavna Seth and champions. Angry lady Sambhavna dares everyone to take the stolen basket from her if they can.

Sambhavna gives threat to the housemates saying, “Haath laga ke dikhao muje..muh tod dungi tum logo ka”.

The task was supposed to go on till next day evening, but in Bigg Boss house no task ends up in peace and successfully.

For now, Ajaz Khan is disqualified from the house due to his miss behavior with Ali Quli Mirza

Did this task end up successfully?

Stay tuned to to know which team will be successful in capturing the areas of the house to win.

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