Bigg Boss 8: Day 93: Gautam And Karishma Get Romantic



[tps_footer] As a part of Luxury task of the week in Bigg Boss 8 House, Bhavishyavania in which the contestants had to prove the predictions wrong given on the Bigg Boss wall.

The contestants had to do the task as part of their luxury budget. As it was Karishma’s birthday this week, her mom had sent ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ for all the Bigg Boss contestants. Gautam plans to eat ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ but Dimpy intervenes him for asking Karishma before eating. In which they had a small argument between Punit, Dimpy and Gautam.

Later after the argument Dimpy asks Gautam for the Halwa which Gautam and Ali already finished. Dimpy complaints to Punit, that it is wrong to finish someone’s food even without offering anyone.

Rivals of the house Karishma and Gautam get into fight for getting footage by behaving stupid to each other. Both of them blamed each other for taking unnecessary footage.

Later Upen also intervenes in the fight to rescue Karishma. Laziest contestant of the house Sonali Raut, is the captain of the house and breaks rules of Bigg Boss.

Sonali and Upen both were inside the Captain’s bathroom discussing about something. Mean while Bigg Boss gives warning to captain Sonali for not repeating it again.

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As a part of luxury budget, contestants were given 10 Bhavishvanias, which they had to prove wrong. The predictions were put on the wall of the Bigg Boss.

Gautam and Dimpy get into an argument blaming each other for behaving mean to Karishma and Ali.

Ali was given a secret task in which he had to prove few predictions given by the Bigg boss. One of it was that he had to create a fight between Dimpy and Pritam. Where Ali lies to Pritam, that Dimpy had spoke about its character, which was wrong.

Pritam goes to Dimpy and clears on it. As a part of task Upen Patel was said not to hang around girls and spend more time with boys.

But Upen fails to do it. He laughs, and talks to Karishma, Dimpy without realizing about the task.

Biggest rival Gautam and Karishma dance together on romantic songs as a part of task. We never thought it would happen ever in the Bigg Boss house.

Karishma holds Gautam’s hand and sings ‘Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki’ and they later end it up with a warm hug.

As a part of secret task Ali had to make Dimpy cry twice a day. Ali sees Dimpy crying and asks her reason for it. He later made up her to smile!

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