Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol: Ali Quli Mirza To Smooch Gautam Gulati


Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol luxury task between champions and challengers have brought some truth and frustrations out of each contestant. Both the teams were divided in two teams, challengers and champions.

The luxury budget task was about Call Centre. The champions were to act like employees at call centre while challengers as customer of the day.

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The task happened vice versa. A 10-minute call during the task will test the patience of the housemate. If the employee hangs up the call, they lose. It was champions’ turn to be customers and challengers to be employees.

The new rivals Ali Quli Mirza and Gautam Gulati were in the opposite teams. The argument between them since few days gave Ali a chance to remove his frustrations out through the task.

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Gautam always kept taunting Ali about his mouth to mouth to acting that made Ali angry always. During the phone call Ali called Gautam Gulati as a customer and asked him to clear his questions.

Ali started the call by saying Gautam, that, you are fake, and by warning him that dare if he makes joke about his hurt again. He even said him that if again he would tease him mouth to mouth he will make the statement true by kissing him right on his lips.

The call lasted for 10 minutes and Ali kept saying the same thing that he will kiss him in next 24 hours. Gautam didn’t hang up the phone. He kept ignoring his talks.

Later in the Garden area, Ali starts flirting with Gautam by singing song Aadmi hun aadmi se pyaar karta hun” Gautam kept ignoring but Ali didn’t stop it.

He said he would smooch him in 24 hours. Not just this, Ali also noticed a small mole on Gautam’s lips, which nobody ever did. He has put Gautam surely in doubt that Ali’s intentions are not right.

Gautam said to other contestants, that if he does this, he is surely going to be in problem by taking panga. While all this was just entertainment for the housemates by Ali Quli Mirza.

Stay tuned to Business Of Cinema to know if Ali made his statement true or not.

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