Bigg Boss 8 With Salman Khan: Four Safe Tonight


Ali-Safe  [tps_footer]Tonight is Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. I am sure it is going to keep you all at the edge of your seat! In Bigg Boss 8 house contestants have been in some roller coaster of a time.

Ali was caught stealing Dimpy’s omelette in the morning! Sonali, who was the witness to this, complained to Dimpy that Ali stole her breakfast and ate it too. The irritated captain screamed at Ali, as she asked him to do five rounds of the garden area.

As Diandra has not been keeping well for past few days she received a letter from Big Boss’s side that she would be required to visit the doctor for her routine checkup. She thought to use this as a prank as many didn’t know she was going out of the house for some time.

After last week’s GK session, which had all of us in splits, Salman was back with another one. Salman asked Karishma who these celebrities were– Akhilesh Yadav,Saina Nehwal and Sushil Kumar,Dipika Palikal, etc and were they ‘worthy enough’ to be called celebrities?

Once again the arrow pointed at Karishma as she was scrutinized for her captaincy and scores given to the housemates, especially how she chose the four housemates to decide on the final luxury budget items.

And finally Salman Khan announced the names of contestants who are safe tonight.