Bigg Boss 8: Viewers Reject Puneet Issar

Puneet-IsaarBigg Boss 8 is rising in popularity for all the reasons. Despite making a lot of hue and cry about respecting woman and her choices, the channel made Kill Dil actress Parineeti Chopra play out a prank which was disrespectful towards women. But it is only Parineeti who is drawing all the flak for the same whereas the channel didn’t even bother to apologise. Why do the care when a sensational reports about Puneet Issar’s re-entry to the house has sparked so much hate tweets. Avid viewers of the show don’t want the actor back at any cost.

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Puneet was ousted from the house after high drama. His spat with Arya Babbar is seen as one of the reasons and many on Twitter supported Bigg Boss’s punishment for him. But now that news of his reentry is spreading far and wide, they aren’t elated at all. Many have requested the channel to not do that. Here are some of the tweets:

Jessica Aranha: Just realised there might be a wildcard entry…. ugh dont want him back pleasee.. #BB8 #BiggBoss8 #PuneetIssar

Harneet Kaur: what’s the point of a sympathy appeal when you have broken the major rule. Pls we don’t want to see him back #PuneetIssar #BigBoss8 #BB8. He has beaten #KarishmaTanna in terms of most irritating player of the game #PuneetIssar , don’t want to see him back #BB8 #BigBoss8. Some people have nerve to irritate you to the core… #PuneetIssar #BB8 #BigBoss8 #BigBossSeason8

Akshay Anant: I don’t want #PuneetIssar to come back in @BiggBoss 8. He is highly manipulative and confusing person. Hate him. #BB8 #BiggBoss8

Neetal Parekh: #PuneetIssar took FULL ON advantage of his age – he came on #BB8 knowing exactly what to expect #GoodRiddance #Boring #TwoFaced

Ankit Singh: @ColorsTV @BiggBoss plzzzz! We don’t want em back in d show #BigBoss8 #AryaBabbar n #PuneetIssar both r disguisting :/



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